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Home of the world-famous Vistaburger

Still fixin' it like YOU like it!

The story of Vista Drive In begins back in 1964 on a warm June day. Charles Streeter was the man behind the idea and with the help of his wife, Martha, Vista Drive In has become one of the most respected and popular restaurants in Kansas. The Streeter’s almost named the student hang-out “Oasis” but they looked in the dictionary and saw “vista”-- appropriate because the hill Vista is located on used to provide a beautiful meadow view.
Charles’s and Martha’s son and daughter-in-law, Brad and Karen, now oversee the operation of Vista Drive In. They started to acquire the store in the early 70’s. Two of their three sons are currently helping them with the stores. Andy, their oldest child, is the General Manager of the Manhattan store. Matt, the youngest of the three boys, helps them with their computer opportunities, such as this website as well runs the Vista Food Truck.
Since the conception of Vista Drive In, it has supported KSU and the surrounding schools in many different ways. Donating everything from cups, napkins and coupons for proms and other various school functions to hosting field trips and giving presentations. Vista has received numerous certificates, signs and the such for supporting the local high schools and has even received an oar from the KSU row team in the early 70’s and a baseball in the 80's from the K-State baseball team.
Vista has not been "just another fast hamburger place." Since we began, Vista has always had:

  1. Drive-Up Windows
  2. A Quarter Pound Hamburger
  3. Tossed Green Salads
  4. Ice Creme and Dessert Items

The menu has evolved through the years with the addition of the Monster Meals for children, breakfast, chicken sandwiches, Cyclones and the burger good enough for a king, the “Royalburger”. However, many things remain the same. The chili is still made the way Charles and Martha made it on their honeymoon in 1941 with tasty browned hamburger and onions, red beans and tomatoes with spices. Vistaburgers are also still prepared the way they were 50+ years ago when Vista opened-- always garnished to order with fresh tasting quarter pound ground beef after all “We fix it like you like it!” Brownies are made from “scratch” with the same recipe Martha used to teach her Home Economics classes at Wamego High School. Limes are squeezed daily for their famous Limeades. Corndogs are also still “stuck” daily.
We’ve come a long way since Charles and Martha sat in their living room down on the farm and figured out the name Vista and dreamed up the whole concept of the special restaurant that bears the name. The owners, managers, employees, and customers enjoy thinking back to 1964 every year when Vista celebrates its anniversary, usually with Half-Price Vistaburgers for a week or two in April.
Vista’s basic philosophy has remained the same over the years-- to serve great quality food, well prepared by pleasant employees in a sanitary kitchen, and served in a clean, comfortable and friendly dining atmosphere. We believe our customers have the right to expect this kind of service everytime.